The Epworth Poem - 2013

posted 18 Jan 2013, 17:15 by Allan Moyle   [ updated 18 Jan 2013, 17:17 ]
Selections from Room 2 

Well Jon, Let’s have a bit of a natter.  
Sam wants to know who we recommend, for the next big regatta.  
I can start off, by putting forward, our club captaincy bearer. 
We can start by discussing the talents of our Sarah.  

Well that debate will not take a jiff, 
So first name to plug in, is Sarah Smith. 

Ok, who can we place in the boat in front of her? 
I’m definitely leaning towards the talented Lexi Kerr. 
Well there is some others that we really could consider,
However, I’ve got to say that I can’t really demur. 

And of course it would be particularly obtuse 
To exclude from our reckoning, a lightweight called Luce. 
Can’t argue with that, there would be few as fast as, 
Our new Youth Olympic representative, by the name of Jonas.

Another young lady who is displaying some get up and go, 
Is the ever dedicated, Briony Fanslow. 
You’re right, we are beginning to see, 
A great determination to succeed, from Briony. 

It has also got to be said, that Rosie Byrne
Is causing more than a few heads to turn. 
Seems to me, that she doesn’t have much more to learn,
In fact I reckon one day, she’ll wear the Silver Fern. 

Another very promising prospect is Isobella,
Although we’ll need to keep an eye, on that Glendowie fella 
‘Cos when he is about it seems to me,
That his presence makes Izzy go Dizzy! 

May I enquire, what’s your view of Briana? 
Well….. Her name conveys a sense of imminent drama! 
But after a hard work out, when most girls would be barfin, 
Briana Siteine will probably be laughin! 

I think if the crew, is ever backed into a corner, 
Our best bet would be, to utilize Amy Horner. 
If we can harness the energy, she uses on her dad,
My thinking is that boat, shouldn’t travel half bad!

My opinion is also if we enter Charlotte Spence,
That will automatically demoralize the opposition defence. 
Her power to weight ratio is immense, and hence,
To include her to me, makes absolute sense! 

Now, I’d like to put my cards on the table 
And suggest we have an excellent prospect in young Aimee Cable. 
She is looking fantastic I reckon, and it has been said,
That her early season successes, haven’t gone to her head!

So what are your thoughts on Curly Annabel, 
You know, the girl with the most piercing yell? 
Well, if oxygen uptake, equates with decibel level,
We have on our hands an energetic wee devil! 

And Charlie, is starting to look really gnarly,
You get the best out of her, if you make her really snarly.
Yep, I have to concur entirely,
So I’m already recording the name of C. Riley. 
Another to impress me is Chanelle Jones 
From day one, she has proven to be no lazy bones. 
Even under high level intensity, she never moans,
And I reckon she must only weigh 5 or 6 stones!  

Let’s give some thought now, to Ruby, 
Another new girl, who has progressed, so marvelously. 
If we wish to dominate (which is the only place to be), 
We must enter the name, of this promising newbie! 

It also would be, incredibly barmy,
To exclude the name, of S. L’Amie. 
Argue if you want, but I must challenge ya, 
Why would you not include the name, of young Sarah?

Another who has advanced so well, since she began, 
Is the girl from Hunua, Taryn Morgan. 
She is rapidly learning, what makes a boat go fast
So there’s another name we simply can’t go past! 

I’ll tell you another chick that is running red hot, 
Is none other than Victoria Watt. 
I confess I’d be proud to have her as my daughter,
‘Cos she has taken to rowing like a duck to water! 

So now its time, to ponder the family with the most blisters, 
And that mantle must surely sit, with the Allen sisters. 
When Maddie started, we thought one Allen was fine, 
But then Phoebe turned up and has proved to be truly divine!

Now one we haven’t actually seen, this week, 
Is that Andes tripping girl, by the name of Monique. 
With all that altitude training, I’d get hot under the collar, 
If we omitted the name of Monique Waller! 

Another athlete, who over the week has become better known,
Through all that had work is Annabelle Malone. 
Did you see her blisters? They went right to the bone! 
But I can’t recall once, that I ever heard that particular Annabelle moan! 

And I confess after all these years, I’ve never met a young woman, 
Quite like the one and only Rachel McLaughlin! 
Seriously, she rows with such passion and elan,
And, just quietly, the coaches think mum is quite glam!

Another name that should take a spot, 
Is that of the younger Charlotte. 
When she is focused, she runs really hot, 
And we’ve not even seen yet, the best that she’s got! 

Over the week another to improve significantly 
Is Enrico and Meryl’s girl, Francesca Canestri. 
With her setting the rhythm, the boat really ran, 
So it’s impossible now to leave out, our young Fran! 

Another athlete to display, a great work ethic and no fear,
Just happens to be a youngster, called Georgia. 
I think she’s having a really good year…
Don’t worry, I’ve already documented down, G. Tremeer. 

So what are the most compelling attributes, of Hannah Kerrigan? 
Well, perhaps we DO need to look at her again….
Her observations during this week, of every landmark at Lake Karapiro 
Will be particularly helpful, if she needs to tell her cox where to go! 

And for me, a really special highlight,
Is the progress that’s been made, with Hannah Knight. 
She always works hard, gives it all of her might, 
So to include her, just seems to be doing what’s right! 

I’m also convinced, that ‘Isla the Smiler’
Has proven to be, an outstanding trialler. 
So it will be a good investment, to pay the entry fee,
And submit the name of Isla Peachy. 

Tell me, have you seen anyone finer,
Than our “In House Doctor’s” offspring, Jemima? 
When she commenced rowing, somehow I just knew, 
Our season wouldn’t be complete without the inclusion of Jemima Wu. 

And yet another one, who has proven, really keen,
Is none other, than Lillian. 
When everything, is said and done,
Let’s not overlook, Miss Richardson. 

And tell me what seat, do you think we can,
Look at placing that giggling girl, by the name of Freeman? 
Well for me, if we are seeking success,
Things are less jocular, when she is separated from Tess! 
Anyone would think they’ve taken some kind of sly substance,
And it’s not what Dr Butt, would legally dispense!
I’m convinced nothing will stop the chuckling that continues to spill
From Mackenzie Freeman and Tess Costil! 

And then of course, we have Raina, 
Her selection should be an absolute no brainer.
For such a dedicated and hard working trainer! 
So for us, to be right on the ball,
We will always have to enter the name, of R. Marshall. 

What about coxswains? – Now let me see. 
We should probably start, with our Ally. 
We definitely want the instructions, to be clearly understood, 
So that’s a tick, for A. Littlewood. 

Personally, I don’t think there are too many flasher,
At steering a boat, than ‘Tasha the Splasher’
So to avoid collisions and a complete train wreck,
I strongly recommend, Natasha Krofcheck.

And another, that has plenty to give,
Is that courageous and enterprising girl, Liv. 
Not only does she cox, but she can also row, 
So when she recuperates, she should be given a go. 

And I’ve not seen anyone, handle a 10ml spanner, 
Quite the way I’ve observed, our young Hannah. 
So, it should really be ‘worth’
Adding the girl, who looks like she’s been coxing since birth!

Sometimes other schools ask me, just what is EGG’s secret?
As to why our crews travel straight, and often first get?
They obviously haven’t taken into account, our cox Juliet 
So there’s another name, we shouldn’t forget! 

And now finally, little Kate, a cox without peer,
We bewilder others, because it looks like no one is there! 
So I really have to make it quite clear and demand,
The inclusion of our pocket rocket, Kate Bolland! 

Now, unless there’s someone, that we’ve forgot,
We’ve considered everyone from our great melting pot. 
It’s so difficult to determine, who’s who and what’s what,
So let’s make it easy and tell Sam, to just enter the whole bloody lot! 

Hivel Bros 12/1/13