Thank you !

posted 23 Apr 2014, 02:16 by Epsom Rowing
As most of you know, we raised a massive $30,000 on our Music Trivia Quiz Night. A huge thank you and congratulations to Tim and the fund raising committee (Karen, Bridget, Emma & Robyn), to Dean who stepped up to host the evening, to Liz for the supper and to the girls who worked hard on the night and in the weeks before to raise donations.  A big thanks to Joe & Bridget Jakicevich for their generous donation of all the booze for the night. Thank you also to all of the families who attended and hosted tables. Thanks also to those who donated goods for the auction or supplied goods for the evening. In one way or another it is a huge effort for all but the results for the club (and ultimately the girls) are well worth it.  We hope everyone had a great time on the night as well.  These funds are vital to the club’s ongoing success and we look forward to getting some new oars for next season as a result.