Quick Guide to 2012 Games Rowing Viewing.

posted 25 Jul 2012, 20:01 by Allan Moyle   [ updated 25 Jul 2012, 20:02 ]
Not long now until the 2012 Games get underway. 

Here is a quick and hopefully handy guide to making sure you get your live fixes or know when to set the the MySky to record the late night/early morning action. 

The SkySport Rowing Broadcast Schedule can be found here http://goo.gl/fz29u.  
Almost all the rowing is being shown on Sky Sport CH8. Live coverage starts at 8.30 pm each day rowing is on and goes through the night.

All things 2012 Games Rowing related can be found on the official site here http://goo.gl/NKE2E

Specific Day/Event Schedules with times for each day are as follows. Click Date link to open official page:

July 28th  Heats: Women's Pair, Women's Quadruple Sculls, Men's Eight, Men's Double Sculls, Men's Lightweight Four, Men's Quadruple Sculls, Men's Pair, Men's Single Sculls, Women's Single Sculls. 

July 29th Repecharges: Men's Double Sculls, Men's Lightweight Four, Men's Single Sculls, Women's Single Sculls. 
Heats: Women's Lightweight Double Sculls, Men's Lightweight Double Sculls, Women's Eight. 

July 30th Repecharges: Women's Pair, Women's Quadruple Sculls, Men's Eight, Men's Quadruple Sculls, Men's Pair. 
Heats: Women's Double Sculls, Men's Four. 

July 31st Qtr F and Semi F: Men's Single Sculls; Repecharges: Women's Double Sculls, Men's Four, Women's Lightweight Double Sculls, Men's Lightweight Double Sculls, Women's Eight; Qtr F:  Women's Single Sculls; Semi F: Men's Double Sculls, Men's Lightweight Four. 

August 1st  Semi F: Men's Single Sculls, Men's Lightweight Double Sculls FINAL: Women's Pair, Women's Quadruple Sculls, Men's Eight; Semi F : Men's Quadruple Sculls, Men's Pair. 

August 2nd  Semi F: Women's Single Sculls; FINAL: Men's Double Sculls, Men's Lightweight Four; 
Semi F: Men's Four, Women's Lightweight Double Sculls, Men's Lightweight Double Sculls; FINAL Women's Eight.  

August 3rd  FINAL Men's Single Sculls, Men's Quadruple Sculls, , Men's Pair, Women's Double Sculls.  

August 4th  FINAL Women's Single Sculls, Men's Lightweight Double Sculls, Women's Lightweight Double Sculls, Men's Four.