Pre-season boat Maintenance

posted 6 Aug 2015, 19:35 by Epsom Rowing
Introduction to Maintenance 101
Maintenance of our equipment is an important, on-going job. To date, this job has been done by a couple of people. We are now inviting all parents to get involved in this friendly introductory maintenance class. We need a minimum of 8-10 people.

At the end of the 2015/16 season, our most experienced maintenance people will be leaving. It is essential that new people understand what is required and take on the responsibility. Learn from the experienced now, or learn the hard way.

The Tamaki Estuary is a harsh marine environment and the boats need protection from salt build up. Surprisingly, even the brand new (unnamed) eight needs work prior to being used. This hands-on session will involve disassembling, labelling, lubricating and re-rigging the boats.
Date: Saturday, 8 August
Time: 10:30am
Where: ARC, Ian Shaw Park
BYO: 10mm spanner
RSVP: Matt Kerrigan, phone/text 0275335 661 or email
Be part of the team
The role of the Maintenance Team is to look after the boats and existing plant to the best of our ability using the available resources. Put simply, the more people we have helping, the less time it takes. Oar Sport magazine suggest pulling apart all boats for cleaning and maintenance twice a year. We have only just managed once a year after three years of repair work. There simply has not been enough time or help.


As a member of the Maintenance Team you will be doing something practical that makes a real difference. Plus, we’re a good bunch of guys!
Successful completion of the class may result in the sampling of some cold fermented amber coloured liquid from green bottles.
EGGS Rowing Maintenance Team