New format Email updates from EGGS Rowing Website

posted 12 Mar 2013, 01:26 by Epsom Rowing
In most things technology based they change a little more often than other stuff.  Well, for the EGGS Rowing website this is one of those times.
We are changing the format  of the emails we send out when new information is added to the website.  This is to coincide with the changing of the tool we use to send out the emails automatically from the site. 

As subscribers to our previous email service we are giving you an advance look at the new  website update email format as part of a final test.  Shortly all club members will be receiving this format of updates from the website. It is important to note this website update email does not replace the weekly newsletter email.

The next website update email you should receive  will advise of the Photos that have been added to the website from the hugely successful North Island Championship.
Actually  you also get a sneaky advance notice of them  too -  you can see them here .

Keep an eye for the next email -  your email client may choose to stick 'em in the Junk Folder!

Any questions you can email me here