posted 18 Nov 2011, 14:34 by Allan Moyle   [ updated 18 Nov 2011, 14:40 ]
The Club Coaching Team have advised that the upcoming Bennett Shield Regatta programme has proven to be problematic as the order of the events, combined with the short course and consequential rapid turn around means that we will be unable to participate in many age/skill appropriate events or row in many events that our girls would be competitive in. They have concluded that the effort required to attend the regatta (boat loading/unloading and regatta and truck rental fees in particular) and potential for loss of heart through the girls not racing competitively would be better replaced by their proposal to not attend the Bennett Shield and instead attend an extended training session and intra-club races at the ARC on Saturday Nov 26th. 

The following proposal has been presented to, and is fully supported by and  approved by Club Committee. 

The proposed training and intra-club race day at the ARC will take the following format:  
  • Arrive at ARC 7.30am (high tide for Auckland is at 8.43am) – training row until 10.00;  
  • 10.00-11.00 am bring a plate brunch supplemented by food cooked at ARC by parents; 
  • 11.00-12.00 Intra-Club racing; 
  • 12.30 pick up 
The benefits of this training and race day format extend beyond the potential frustrations that may be experienced at the Bennett Shield:
  • The Mercer Regatta is the following weekend (3 Dec)  and is a 1500 m upstream course, requiring "standing starts" which can be practised at this session; 
  • The Senior Girls are in the middle of exams / exam prep’ and additionally most of the Year 10 girls are involved in Camp the week prior making this ARC based training and race day more time efficient; 
  • Similar regatta timetabling problems will not be experienced at Mercer and KRI Club regattas because of the extended turn around times and the benefit in rowing distances (1,500 upstream and 2,000 m downstream respectively); 
  • Coaches can follow girls in a ‘race’ situation and focus coaching accordingly over a full tide. 

  Parents are invited to come along for the brunch and stay to watch the races.

Additional information will follow in regards of food options to bring/prepare and racing viewing.  This will be sent via email and appear under the following link;