Important - Communications Update

posted 1 Dec 2014, 11:05 by Epsom Rowing

Over recent months there has been a lot of work undertaken to upgrade our website. Our aim here is to be in a better position to communicate with you all and ensure information is readily available, up to date and secure. The security aspect is about limiting access to key information, to the club only — examples of this are the rowers handbook and the detail around training  activities & schedules.

 We have decided to use google tools to control access to parts of our website and other google facilities, e.g. the calendar. In order for this to work each family will need a google account — note this does not mean you have to stop using your existing email service, you can continue to use that in the way you always have.

 Shortly a communication will come out which will help you set-up a google email account. If you already have one and haven’t already supplied the email address, then please forward it to :

 To reiterate, in order for our communication plan and the website upgrade to work, it is critical that you have a google account — we would therefor appreciate your prompt attention to this matter. More to come on this subject over the next month.