Have a Go Day 14 August

posted 3 Aug 2011, 03:36 by Allan Moyle
8 a.m. start at the ARC 
A reminder - as the mornings are cooler please make sure you have something warm to wear out on the water, a sweatshirt, thermal top or the like.
Best to also bring warm dry clothes for after the session should you get wet.
Would parents dropping off their girls please come and have a quick word with Grader as he would like to talk about future trainings sessions.

If the weather prevents training outside alternative activities can be arranged so training will still take place.

Would you please let me, Jane Quilty (jmq@vodafone.co.nz) know by Friday night of the 29th July) if you are going to come along (or can not make this session).
Some of you have confirmed you will be coming to all the training sessions for the rest of the term and I have made a note, just let me know if this has change