Fundraising this season

posted 19 Aug 2014, 14:00 by Epsom Rowing

It is an exciting time to be part of EGGS Rowing with the number of girls involved in rowing increasing, the promise shown last season with widespread achievement on the water, and our advancement with Paul's first season as Head Coach.


To assist in our continued improvement, investment is required, particularly in new boats to renew our ageing equipment.  Our goal this season is to raise a minimum of $85,000.  We hope we can exceed this number, but we do need your help doing this.


I encourage you to join our fundraising team and help us raise the largest amount of money we can to help our girls go faster on the water.   With the economy thriving we are hoping businesses will be in a position to give back to the community.  If you have any previously successful ideas or can help stuff an envelope – we want you!  If you have any contacts with companies that may be able to help us achieve our goal, we would be most grateful for an introduction.  If you can provide any help at all, please get in touch with Karen Humphries on 027 522 8071 or


Watch this space as more information on future events will be coming soon……..