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Farewell to Grader


The growth, development and success of EGGS Rowing is a credit to the hard work and commitment of our rowers, coaches, parents and supporters. Many are involved for a few years, and a precious few for many years.

Over the last ten years Epsom Rowing has enjoyed the long and dedicated contribution of one of these long serving individuals - 'Grader' Howells - who has been a mainstay in developing the club to where it is today. At the end of 2014/2015 season, Grader announced his retirement from coaching.

Ode to Grader
EGGS Rowing is a club that’s been hugely lucky for years
to have had a great coach to eliminate all fears.
If you are wondering who we are talking about,
It’s someone with mana and huge rowing clout.
He is also someone with a big heart and who always cares,
even though his dress sense resembles Paddington Bear’s!

He will always be found supporting his crew
even if their race resembles a complete hullabaloo.
His position in the club is basically the glue,
with his unfailing support and his earnest smile too.
At regattas he always insists there are high fives all round,
and at the end he insists we all sit on the famous grassy mound.
At the trailer is where he so often hangs round
Unlike his poor namesake gnome who, for some strange reason, could never be found!

Whenever there were problems, he dealt with the majors
and in the process faced the wrath of some hormonal teenagers!
He’s spent weeks of his life sitting in coach boats rain or shine
Teaching hundreds of girls how to row a straight line.
He’s put body and soul into Epsom rowing – even going so far
As to have a permanent memento with a ruddy great scar
etched into his leg when coach boat and wharf didn’t do as they oughta
and he almost ended up in the dark Epworth water!

Grader, we love you and you have been with us for so many seasons
and we will greatly miss you for all of these reasons.
Your unconditional support has not gone unnoticed –
We have you to thank for teaching us to keep our head in the boat and always stay focused.

Grader, you have left a real legacy to be proud of, and so many young lives have benefitted from your mentorship and support.

Thanks for everything
Love from all your past and present Epsom Jokers