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Update #37 :: MAADI Wrap Up, Receipts Required, Survey, AGM
16 April 2016


Maadi continues to be a huge and extremely competitive regatta! This year there were 2112 athletes from 119 school in 1564 crews, requiring 566 races across 52 events.  The competition was stiff with all schools bringing their A games and medals remain hard to attain.
  • Bronze medal in the u15 8+.  Well done girls.
  • We had four crews represented in all A Finals of the 8+s across all age groups 
  • Every rower achieved either A or B finals meaning they rowed through the whole week
Dave Peachey has put together a Regatta Report. Click here to read.


We are finalising the season costs and hope to come close to breaking even despite some higher than budgeted expenses and the need to buy more equipment than planned. This is due to a lot of hard work by our fundraising team, some excellent work by Rachel Sturgess with successful grant applications, and thanks to the generosity of many club members and their contacts. 

If anyone is expecting the reimbursement of any expenses incurred on behalf of the club it is important that these claims along with receipts get to Jo Waller before the end of April please. Once our accounts are finalised no further costs can be included. 


With the end of May approaching, this represents the end of the financial year for the club. In line with past seasons we will be sending out two email surveys, one for rowers and one for parents to complete.

These surveys were introduced a couple of seasons ago and will again be looking at a range of topics that are integral to the rowing season's activities.  Your responses are key to allow the committee to target our efforts to improve again in the season ahead.  The collated results will be shared with everyone at the club AGM in late July.

If anyone has any particular subjects or questions that they would like considered in the survey, please email them to Tracey Batchelor-Cook by Friday 22nd April.  Thank you.


At the upcoming AGM, the new committee will be appointed for the season ahead. Many of the current committee are finishing their time at Epsom Rowing so there are vacancies to be filled and interest is welcome. For those parents interested, please call Andrew to discuss. 

As set out in the Club's Constitution, the Committee consists of up to ten people including; President, Secretary, Treasurer, the School Representative (TIC), the Club Captain, and between three and five other members.  They cover key roles such as Logistics, Catering, Fundraising, Communications, Maintenance.  We will also be looking to add a Sponsorship role as well.  

Nominations for vacant positions will be called for in June and are required to be sent to the club secretary, and the AGM will be held in late July.  If there are more nominations for any one position, a secret ballot vote will be held at the AGM.

In addition to the committee roles most of the committee members require some support during the season as there is usually plenty to do. Maintenance, logistics, catering & fundraising are all busy functions that require extra resources from time to time.

The rowing club is your rowing club and relies heavily on the volunteer contributions of parent supporters, so please ensure that you give your full support.


The club has had clarification in regards to the $80 fee for each rower which is payable directly to the school.  The money has been broken down by the school as follows:
  • $45 cost of TIC
  • $15 School sports levy
  • $20 School sports general fund for administration costs
This cost has been put against each rowers account, so please pay this at your earliest convenience. 


Epsom Rowing Club has sold 3 of its old 4's boats and our beloved eight, the Joyce Fisher, to  the Te Anau Rowing Club which has just started up.  It is great to see these boats put to good use, to allow many more school aged rowers to learn and enjoy rowing.