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regatta information 2014-2015

This section of the website will be updated regularly  to provide information for each regatta as we approach its scheduled date such as Gear Lists, Food Lists, etc. Rowers will need to come back and check this section (click on Regatta Name) to ensure they remain up to date about each regattas requirements.

Season 2014-2015 Regattas

The information shown in regattas listed below is provided as a guide of what we hope to include in this section. Please note  the actual information included will be updated and vary for each regatta.

Mercer  6 December
KR1 -- Karapiro 12 - 14 December
EGGS Camp 2015 5 - 11 January
KR2 - 23-25 January 2015
Head of Harbour - 14 February 2015
Maadi 2015 - 23-28 March 2015